Wedding Album Prices

Custom Design” Flush Mount Albums (10”x10” size) Color: black

(Included in Gold Star, Diamond and Platinum wedding packages)

A-la-carte addition - $600.00 (20 pages)

View a sample “Custom Design” album (30 page sample)

Also available up to 40 pages. $25 for each page above 20 pages.

“Graphi Studio” Flush Mount Albums (8”x12” size) (Printed Cover)

Fine Art Design $850.00 (40 pages)

$40.00 per extra page

View a sample “Graphi Studio” Flush Mount Album

“Graphi Studio” duplicate Parent Albums (8”x12” size) 40 pages $350.00

Now Featuring Albums - 40 pages (10"x13") $1250.00

Parent Album (Smaller Bridal albums) Prices

Flush Mount Leather bound album - 8”x 8” pages for 5”x7” vertical or horizontal photos

(Cover: black leather)

Page colors: black

These albums are leather bound albums with professional photographic prints.  Images can be arranged in any order of vertical or horizontal  images.

20 page albums - $300.00